ASP.Net My Web Page Starter Kit Static Section

Finding an open source CMS (hence free) written in C # 2.0, which does not need a database to store data is not easy. On ASP.Net platform, there aren’t so much solutions like per Linux platform, and Microsoft guy did a great job when they released the MWPSK.

This time what I find as missing is the possibility to share a particular content among different pages, i.e. a disclaimer.

So with a bit of code, also using the newest LINQ to XML functionality provided by the .net framework 3.5, I developed the Static Content section.

The usage is pretty simple, just add the section, create the content and save it. Automatically the new XML file generated will be linked to the section. If you need the same section into another page, add the Web-MA Static Section, choose the previously created file and save.

Changes made to a specific section file, anywhere, obviously will be reflected on all pages.

Enjoy the code and feel free to report bugs and comment.