The following module was built either with optimizations enabled or without debug information

Today I would go through an error I got yesterday when I was debugging an ASP.Net web site with an external control I wrote to improve it’s functionality. At a certain point, pressing F5 to enter in debug mode, I suddenly get into the pop-up windows that report me an error with my dll. The error was referring to missing debug information as I wrote in this post’s title.

What’s happening I really don’t know. I didn’t make any changes on the dll as well as didn’t rebuilt it, but the error was there. Both dll and pdb files was in the bin directory of my main web project, so apparently there wasn’t any reason at me to get that error.

Ok; I started googling a bit to look for some possible solution, and I found many different posts about the argument. All the solutions found assume a possible misconfiguration on the project properties. I did some checks, but nothing was wrong.
Particularly, every solution found – maybe tons of cut and paste has been done along the way – point the accent on the building way not set up to debug anymore.

I’ve spent about 10 minutes and around twenty F5 keypress before to find the right path. Simple delete the guilty dll from the bin folder, remove the project reference and then add it again. That’s all. Happy debugging.


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