Office 2011: how to change the product ID

By this time last year I was having the same problem with Office 2008 product ID activation code. Today, after having reinstalled the Office 2011 on my MacBook Pro that stopped to working for a non-well known reason, I was having some other trouble with the Office 2001 activation process.

I don’t know what’s happened with the previous installation nor what went wrong with the activation I did, but I was having the suspect the pressing the Trial mode wasn’t the proper thing to do, so I was looking for a way to remove that “trial activation ID” to provide the one that I legally purchased.

However, there was no way to obtain the “Activate by telephone”option, even turning off my Wi-Fi network. So in the desperate attempt to remove the product ID I approached to this official Microsoft Page (KB 2394111) that explains how to do that.

I’ll keep it simple for you, if you don’t want to open their Knoweledge base, also because I got stucked at point number 6, as I wasn’t able to locate the “Office Registrarion Cache” or the “OLE Regitration Database” as mentioned at point number 8. I even didn’t rebooted my mac, so the only thing I’ve done was to delete the available in the library/preferecences folder.

That’s it. Once I’ve done this, as soon as I launched Word, I got my registration form which I used to activate my product.

Everything was fine, but I’ve now discovered that the previous file left by the old installation, that I removed manually, was the cause of everything. Essentially my product was already activated and for this reason Office was refusing to activate again. Unfortunately, the message returned by the form was completely misleading letting me drive mad and to waste precious time that I would have been happy to use for something else!

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